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The Basic Bruschetta III

Difficulty: Easy

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Serves: 4-6


Simple and quick to make, this classic antipasto is a family favourite, loved for its mouth-watering flavours and eye-catching appearance - brilliant red peppers against lusciously creamy white cheese


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Step 1 - Prepare your fennel seeds

Wild fennel grows in abundance throughout southern Tuscany, where their fronds, flowers and seeds are used to add anise-like flavours to dishes. Dried fennel seeds from the store will achieve a similar result where foraging isn’t possible. Lightly toast the dried seeds in a frying pan, then grind them to a powder with a pestle and mortar – or skip to Step 2 if you are using fresh fennel

Step 2 - Slice and toast or grill your bread

We like to use a fresh baguette, cut crosswise and lightly toasted on both sides

Step 3 - Garlic bread

Slice your garlic clove in two and while the bread is still warm from the grill, gently rub the top surface with the cut side of the garlic

Step 4 - Add oil

Gently pour approximately half a tablespoon of LUNAIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil over each slice of toasted bread

Step 5 - Add fennel seeds and season with salt

Sprinkle the bread generously with wild fennel flowers, fronds or their equivalent and add salt to taste

Step 6 - Spoon pecorino or goats cheese onto toasted bread

On a separate board, roughly chop the cheese into small pieces and spoon them onto your toasted bread

Step 7 - Add grilled peppers

Drain your jar of SEGGIANO Grilled peppers and place one or two pieces onto each bruschetta

Step 8 - Season and enjoy!

Season with a little thyme, ideally fresh, and serve

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