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Our Ethics

We're big on responsibility and transparency. We don't sell foods with ingredients obtained through methods we deem disrespectful to the wellbeing of humans, animals or the environment


Put your money where your mouth is

Most commodity food production is cheap but costs the earth dearly and may be harmful to our health. Low-grade vegetable and olive oils, for example, are believed to be bad for us. With this in mind, we strictly use stable, cold-extracted high-oleic oils in our products.

We also choose to use organic butter and eggs to avoid the carcinogenic residues of common weed killers that concentrate in mammalian milk and because organic certification comes with a non-GMO guarantee and ensures higher animal welfare standards.

We strive to make positive choices which support respectful farming methods, local food production and our collective wellbeing.


Real food with conscience

We decided from the beginning not to sell meat. A few of our products contain cheese but most are vegan.

In all areas of our business, every effort is made to limit unnecessary packaging. We use FSC sustainable, unbleached, biodegradable and recyclable packaging wherever possible. Our online shop recycles used cartons in the packing of your purchases, whilst in the office we reuse paper and then recycle it.


Nothing to hide

Many consumers are blissfully unaware of the mainstream food industry backstory. We steer clear of hidden residues, industrial processing aids, preservatives and additives, all of which are suspected to have a negative effect on health. Our products have been free from bad fats forever, palm oil for years and we never did trust trans-fatty emulsifiers.

Our brand decisions are based on ethical considerations, even if those choices don’t follow the easiest routes and may put us at a competitive disadvantage economically.


Know what you eat

Our brand invests in quality ingredients with provenance and traceability, organic methods, local cultivar preservation and minimum-intervention agriculture. We avoid industrial and blended ingredients, preferring single source and monovarietal ingredients which connect food to its terroir and guarantee provenance.

Our range consists of the very best in genuine artisan Mediterranean foods from all over Italy, often made with very localised vegetable, fruit, nut and herb cultivars. Our organic and guaranteed provenance certification can identify the exact farm where an ingredient was grown.


No compromise

Our uncompromising focus is on quality. This relies on knowledge and skilful production methods, the most flavourful, fresh and healthy, unblended ingredients, reduced processing and minimised thermal stress. Add to this the Italian genius for putting delicious flavours together in a simple way and you have great food.

All of these factors contribute to the nutritional integrity and taste of our products and their potential to support our health and give us pleasure in eating.