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Spaghettini with Chilli Tomato Pasta Sauce

Difficulty: Easy

Cooking time: 15

Serves: 3-4


A delicious and easy to prepare recipe for chilli lovers everywhere.


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Step 1 - Boil the water

Heat plenty of water in a saucepan (1l for each 100g of pasta if possible).

Step 2 - Add salt to the water

When the water reaches boiling temperature add a generous helping of salt, (around 1 teaspoon for every 1 litre of water).

Step 3 - Add the pasta

Add your pasta to the water. Make sure the water is boiling and brought back to the boil quickly once the pasta has been added.

Step 4 - Heat the sauce

While the pasta is cooking, heat the SEGGIANO Chilli Tomato Pasta Sauce in a sauce pan.

Step 5 - Don't overcook it!

Do not over cook your pasta, many Italians choose to drain their pasta 30 seconds before the recommended cooking time to maintain a firm “al dente’ texture.

Step 6 - Combine the pasta and sauce

Remove half of the sauce before adding the well-drained pasta to the sauce pan and combining the two together.

Step 7 - Don't add Olive oil!

Do not add olive oil to your drained pasta, as this allows the pasta to absorb all the flavour directly from the hot sauce.

Step 8 - Finishing touches

Top up with the rest of the sauce and a few drops of fresh extra virgin olive oil, and some grated parmesan cheese, moments before eating.

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