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Delectable Chocolate and Hazelnut Biscuit Dessert Pots

Difficulty: Medium

Cooking time: 30 mins prep and 4 hours in the fridge

Serves: 4-8


Everbody loves to end their meal with a little chocolate indulgence. These chocolate pots hit the spot and are just perfect to serve with Seggiano Brutti ma Buoni hazelnut biscuits.

These can be made the day before and will sit happily in the fridge overnight - but are best brought to room temperature before serving.

Recipe by Julie Friend


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Step 1 - Melt chocolate into cream

In a thick bottomed pan, heat the cream until nearly boiling. Remove and set aside for 1 minute. Add the chocolate, broken into small pieces, and stir until melted and smooth

Step 2 - Add egg yolks and brandy

Once the chocolate is melted and the mixture is slightly cooler, beat in your egg yolks and brandy, then stir until smooth

Step 3 - Add the butter

Stir in the butter and beat again until smooth

Step 4 - Whisk egg whites

In a clean, dry bowl, whisk your egg whites until they form stiff peaks

Step 5 - Combine

Gently fold the egg whites into the chocolate mix until no obvious white can be seen

Step 6 - Allow to cool in the fridge

Pour into small individual serving pots and put in fridge to chill for at least 4 hours. Allow to reach room temperature before serving

Step 7 - Add a Brutti ma Buoni and serve

Pop a Seggiano Brutti ma Buoni on top of each pot when ready to eat

NOTE: If you add the butter too early and the chocolate isn’t cool enough it will make the chocolate look as if it has split. If this happens add a little cool milk and whisk until the chocolate is smooth again

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