Frantoi Cutrera

Primo DOP Monti Iblei Extra Virgin Olive Oil


This mono-variety Tonda Iblea oil has a complex palate including intense tomato, herbaceous grasses and culinary herbs.

  • Award winning, internationally recognized premium olive oil
  • Our favourite DOP guaranteed provenance oil
  • Milled from Tonda Iblea olives in southeast Sicily
  • With aroma of vine tomatoes and delicious flavour

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What our customers think

"Although I have not actually tried every Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world, I am happy to believe that ‘Primo’ is worthy of its award as ‘the best’... I was so impressed with its flavour... I present it to friends instead of wine when I am invited for dinner. I also encourage my family to try it and buy their own. I use a lot of it for just one man – I drizzle it over lettuce and add nothing more. No salt, no vinegar, no mustard. I enjoy it as it is. It is a complete taste, and I love it. I also sprinkle Primo over scrambled eggs, tuna and Crab Cocktail. My compliments on a delectable addition to any table, and thank you for producing it."

Mitch Murray