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The herb garden in your fridge

Experience the delicious aroma of fresh herbs with the convenience of dried, with our innovative new range

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Organic Single Estate Semi Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs can instantly enhance any dish but can be costly, take time to prepare and sometimes wither before we get through them. Dried herbs are cheaper and longer-lasting but at the cost of a lot of lost flavour and texture, often ending up a fine green dust in a forgotten cupboard corner.

We are happy to introduce the new and unique range of Seggiano single-estate Organic Semi Fresh Herbs, partially cured in Italian rock salt using an innovative process that captures all of the delicious aromatic flavours of fresh herbs, with all the convenience of long shelf-life dried herbs.

A boon for professional chefs and aspiring foodies alike, these practical, ever-fresh ready to use herbs elevate easy home cooking to another level.

Our organic basil, coriander, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme are biodynamically grown on a single estate family farm in southern Italy and harvested when each is at its most potent, so even a smidgen is packed full of flavour. The De Bartolomeis farm, located a little inland from the Almalfi Coast in La Campagna, use a quality organic extra virgin olive oil in the curing process and naturally remove some of the moisture with Sicilian rock salt, which helps the herbs continue to taste fresh for months in the fridge after opening – they remain moist so a single jar will go a long way, adding vibrant aromas to countless dishes.

A Kitchen Revolution

Seasoning is essential to good cooking and any chef worth their salt will know just how much of a revelation a pinch or two of fresh herbs can be to a meal. Keeping a supply of your favourite go-to herbs to hand, finely chopped and ready to use, will upgrade your home cooking effortlessly, and their creative uses are limitless; season the perfect soffritto, throw a few pinches in a stew pot, add to soups, liven up sauces, sprinkle on salads & bruschetta, season cooked vegetables, meat & fish, marinade roasts and more.

The Seggiano selection of ready-to-enjoy leafy green herbs will exalt dishes with a burst of fresh herb aroma when added to raw food or to cooked food just before serving. Guaranteed delicious aroma, without the fiddly chopping or wastage.

In comparison to the old, flat flavours of dried sage, oregano, rosemary and thyme, our selection of more woody semi fresh aromatic herbs bring a fresh aromatic essence to dishes. Simply adding a pinch or two directly into your pan, pot or dish at any stage of cooking to enjoy their vivid aromatic nuances.

Add Seggiano Semi Fresh Herb condiments just before serving to reap their maximum aroma and effect. As they are cured in rock salt, using them will reduce the need for added salt. They have a 14 months shelf life from production. Once opened, they must be kept refrigerated and used within their best before date.

Uses and Tips

BASIL  Basil works wonderfully with raw tomatoes and cooked tomato sauces, as an aromatic garnish or in panzanella. An energising, warming and stimulating tonic with a deliciously pungent aroma which is enjoyed mostly on the nose.

CORIANDER¬† A warming, cleansing and stimulating herb that supports digestion, coriander has a memorably fresh, pungent taste. For coriander lovers, it’s the perfect garnish for creamy soups, curries, rice and spicy salads.

DILL  Warming and stimulating for the appetite, this purifying herb has a distinctive aromatic fragrance. Dill is the perfect complement to smoked, raw and cooked fish, for sauces and pickles, or cucumber and potatoes.

PARSLEY  Vitamin and mineral-rich, parsley is soothing, calming and detoxifying, with a slightly bittersweet taste. A favourite garnish for soups and salads and a delicious and complimentary to a wide variety of dishes.

MINT  Pleasantly cool and soothing for the stomach, mint is refreshingly astringent and awakening, with a slightly bitter taste. The perfect herb for grilled aubergine and courgette, or spring potatoes. Enjoy also as a garnish for soups and salads.

OREGANO  This staple of Mediterranean cooking has a robust and earthy flavour and is known for its soothing, anti-microbial properties. Oregano is the perfect partner to tomato dishes, pizza and bakes, and also shines in roasts and slow-cooked stews.

ROSEMARY¬† Warmly astringent, rosemary is an antioxidant prized for its tonifying and anti-bacterial powers, with an assertive flavour and stimulating fragrance. Use on roasted vegetables and bread. A classic complementing flavour to chicken and lamb, it’s also delicious with legumes and savoury crackers.

SAGE  A restoring and tonifying herb with a sweetly pungent, slightly bitter aroma. Sage butter for pasta and onion and sage stuffing are classic uses of this herb. It also works well with creamy sauces and legumes.

THYME  Warming and pungent, this mineral-rich herb adds a woody, dry and savoury aroma to dishes. Thyme is an excellent herb for stuffings and rubs, most often paired with lamb. It exalts creamy cheese dishes and baked vegetables, such as pumpkin.

ITALIAN MIX¬† The go-to herb mix, with classic oregano, basil, rosemary and marjoram, for Italian sauces and bakes such as rag√ļ or lasagne.

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